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When your business evolution pivots toward technology, turn to us

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We’re a systems and solutions provider that delivers the technology side of the equation. From the initial specifications development through your launch readiness and sustained operation, we’ll be by your side to handle the tactical and complex parts of your project so you can focus on what’s most important – your business.

For more than 18 years ZTransform has brought our disciplined project management approach to the industry and helped our clients complete technology deployments and operational improvements not previously thought possible. Our skilled design engineers and operationally-savvy experts know how to identify the real needs and present qualified, effective solutions to a multitude of seemingly unsolvable challenges.

When you can define where you want to go, but need help formulating the plan, add ZTransform to the equation.

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Committed to our craft

Awards & Certifications

Our work as an authorized and accredited technology solutions provider across broadcast, education, corporate media and government allows us exposure to – and participation in – emerging technologies, evolving practices and advanced service offerings, all to the benefit of our clients and the industries we serve.

Award-Winning Team

ZTransform's founder, Erik Utter, earned a Technical Emmy for his work with NBC Engineering on the revolutionary broadcast systems deployed at the Beijing Olympic Games. Paul Catterson shares a Heartland Emmy with his former Comcast production team for his Executive Producer role in original entertainment programming.

This recognition is symbolic of the commitment to excellence across the ZTransform team.

Allied Member of the AIA

As an Allied Member of the American Institute of Architects, we have the privilege of working as an Architect's consultant - providing design specifications and engineering documentation for sophisticated technical and operational spaces across various industries.

Good people making a great team

Meet The Team

Erik Utter Profile Pic

Erik Utter

President, Founder

Ben Wolk Pic

Ben Wolk

Managing Partner

Paul Catterson Team Profile

Paul Catterson

VP of Strategy

Josh Clearman Pic

Josh Clearman

VP of Education

Steve Bennett Pic

Steve Bennett

Dir. Integration & Operations

Charles Core Pic

Charles Core

Dir. Procurement

Joe Kline pic

Joe Kline

Engineering Specialist

Michael Barela Pic

Mike Barela

Integration Lead

Ace Wheeler pic

Ace Wheeler


Sophia Perez pic

Sophia Perez

Broadcast Production Operator

Sam Atkinson

AutoCAD & Maintenance

Ken Scott

Design Engineer

Richard Fitzgerald

Installation & Documentation Manager

Sal Cendejas


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