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The Kirkland Channels are Government Access Cable TV Channels granted to the City of Kirkland. The channels exist to inform and involve residents in government, civic and community affairs. It is the goal of the Kirkland Channels to provide a multimedia program service for the City of Kirkland, its residents, officials, and employees. The channels operate 24 hours a day.

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The Goal

Major Remodel and HD Upgrade

The HD upgrade and facility renovation focused on several technical and non-technical operating environments. The final outcome would need to better accommodate an expanded range of live and recorded programming produced for the city, including cultural and historic features, health and safety items, public proceedings, cross-agency activities, and citizen calls to action.

In many ways, television programming for the City of Kirkland blends the features of news, entertainment, historic and community programming into a single organization. The ZTransform solution would need to facilitate that

The Challenge

Adaptability for a Dynamic Schedule

City Hall was undergoing an extensive renovation concurrent with the HD upgrade project, creating several logistical challenges that required close coordination with the city, general contractor and involved trades. ZTransform’s project management needed the foresight and flexibility necessary to adjust to delays in construction, while ensuring ongoing council meeting broadcasts continued uninterrupted throughout the project.

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The Solution

A Future Friendly Model

The HD upgrade focused on a TV Studio, a Control Room, the Master Control Playout operation, Council Chambers, Meeting Rooms, and the Core Equipment Room housing the mainframe technology for the entire technical operation.

ZTransform approached the solution from its broadcast television foundation, ensuring all contribution elements for any program or event would be accommodated at the same level of quality as a broadcaster. Flexibility and ease-of-use was paramount to the functionality of the operation, and accommodated the various show and event formats the channels aired.

And, because this type of investment and tolerance for disruption occurs infrequently, ZTransform designed and built future-friendly systems that can carry the City well into the future without the need for invasive and costly upgrades.

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The Result

Elevated Community Service

Upon completion, the upgraded City of Kirkland Channels technical operation was able to fulfill its promise and deliver its principled content to the community.

This includes delivering emergency information involving the safety and health of the city; public proceedings and meetings involving officials of the City of Kirkland; programs that explain policies and programs of the City of Kirkland or that solicit citizen input; Issues of significance that are being addressed at the neighborhood or community level; public meetings of other government agencies and programs about public policy issues that are relevant to local government or affect Kirkland citizens; programs that feature cultural and historic aspects of the city and its citizens; Public service announcements.

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Key Technologies

ZTransform provided HD routing, production switching, graphics, master control automation, camera robotics, and conferencing and meeting AV systems.

HD Routing

Production Communications

HD Production Switching and Graphics

Key Services

Planning & Development

Detailed work-flow planning, space planning, furniture/casework, electrical, acoustic and lighting

Engineering & Design

Designs were delivered as AutoCAD line drawings, conceptual drawings, architectural drawings, and wire run-list packages

Systems Integration

Complete installation, configuration and commissioning services were provided. A key focus was on future growth and ease of system upgrades

The design-build that Utter Associates provided for the City of Kirkland’s new HD video systems was exemplary

Mike Connor,
Kirkland Television


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