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The City of Woodinville selected ZTransform to deliver improved workflows, and upgrade its Council Chambers video production platforms.

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The Goal

Simplifying Broadcast & AV

Upon meeting with all stakeholders to understand the needs of those who use the space, and those who produce the broadcast for the city’s television channel, ZTransform recognized the city would need an integrated broadcast/AV system that met the current budget, but allowed for “bolt-on” future automation upgrades as additional capital funding became available.

The Challenge


Improving workflow and reliability for the broadcast production crew, as well as simplifying the user experience for the AV system in the multi-functional Chambers, drove the design process. The technology in this space would need to accommodate various formats of proceedings and be agile enough to be reconfigured during back-to-back scheduled activities.

Strict adherence to the “”must haves”” was required to optimize the budget.

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The Solution

A Sound Set-Up

The AV system ZTransform designed featured the Shure Discussion System, with wired microphones at the dais, and wireless gooseneck mics at the staff tables. Additional wireless handheld and boundary mics were added to eliminate unsightly wiring when the room was reconfigured for its various uses. The room upgrade also featured four Panasonic HD PTZ cameras, and a 4K laser projector.

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A Crestron control system was designed for “one-button” room set-up via a 7” touch screen to simplify use of the system by non-technical users in the room. A secondary panel in the production control room allows technical users more granular control of the AV system.

To address sound reinforcement issues, ZTransform increased the number of PA speakers in the room, and installed flush mounted speakers at staff positions. The Shure system features integrated speakers in the microphone for council members.

The broadcast design featured a Ross Carbonite switcher and Xpression graphics system. This hardware switcher is preferred over PC based switchers for reliability, ease of use and long life cycle.

Tightrope was the selected vendor for broadcast automation as well as management of the city’s video bulletin board system.

The Result

A User-Friendly Upgrade

Upon launch, the City Council Members and the supporting staff were outfitted with a highly-functional, yet user-friendly systems, able to be configured for various events via the push of a button. The upgraded environment allows the Council to perform their work, and better serve their community, without unnecessary distraction of technology.
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Key Technologies

The following technologies contributed to the success of the project:

  • Shure Discussion System
  • Panasonic HD PTZ cameras
  • Panasonic 4K laser projector.
  • Crestron Control System with 7” touch screen
  • Ross Carbonite Switcher
  • Ross XPression Graphics System
  • Tightrope Broadcast Automation and eBulletin Board

One-Button AV Set-Up

Wireless AV Communications

Long-Life Cycle Switcher

Key Services

Planning & Development

Detailed work-flow planning, space planning, furniture/casework, electrical, acoustic and lighting

Engineering & Design

Designs were delivered as AutoCAD line drawings, conceptual drawings, architectural drawings, and wire run-list packages

Systems Integration

Complete installation, configuration and commissioning services were provided. A key focus was on future growth and ease of system upgrades.


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