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King County TV produces original programming on county issues. The variety of programming reflects the range of regional and local issues facing King County government, and the public services it provides – from transportation and public health to criminal justice and environmental protection.

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The Goal

High Definition Upgrade

It had been several years since King County updated the technology in its chambers. The facility needed refreshing so that councilors could efficiently meet and record activity and deliver that content to the community.

The Council’s review of ordinances, motions, and budgets help ensure that county government operates in an efficient, transparent, and cost-effective manner, with equal access for all county residents. This system would be required to facilitate that total vision.

The Challenge

Upgrade without Interference

This project presented multiple challenges typical to a high-availability content environment, including the need for all upgrades to occur without interruptions to the broadcast operations or county proceedings. Strict process management and coordination with city staff and other trades was essential to meeting this requirement.

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The Solution

A Total Broadcast Solution

Technology choices were driven by long-term manufacturer support, ease of use, and value. The two production control rooms are nearly identical so as to provide redundancy and facilitate operator training.

The project included a total replacement of all technical systems including:

  • HD Broadcast Master Control ingest and playout with branding and CALM compliance
  • Multiviewers with probing and automated alarms
  • 3D Graphics systems
    Council chambers AV automation with Touchscreen controls
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom HD cameras and projection in studio and council chambers
  • Core video system including signal routing, patching, networking, servers, ingest/playout and processing systems
  • Studio Production Control Room
The Result

Meeting the Quality Promise

The upgrade moved King County TV from 15-year old technology into a modern, file-based operation. Automated workflows and high-definition image quality allowed King County to deliver on its promise to the community it serves.

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Key Technologies

The following platforms contributed to the success of the project:

  • Multiviewers with probing and automated alarms
  • 3D Graphics systems
    AV automation with Touchscreen controls
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom HD cameras and projection
  • HD signal routing, patching, ingest/playout and processing systems.
  • HD Production Systems
  • CALM compliance technology

PTV Camera System

CALM Compliance

AV Automation

Key Services

Planning & Development

Detailed workflow mapping, space planning, technical furniture/casework, User Interfaces

Engineering & Design

Design build-to system functionals and wirelisting package with pinout details. Configuration management

Systems Integration

Complete installation and commissioning services were provided. A key focus was on future growth and ease of system upgrades


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