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Western Washington University prepares and inspires individuals to explore widely, think critically, communicate clearly, and connect ideas creatively to address our most challenging needs, problems, and questions. It operates the Digital Media Center at its campus in Bellingham, WA as part of its academic offering.
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The Goal

Low-to-No Cost Opportunity

The Digital Media Center of Western Washington University was inspired to serve the student body and faculty at no charge. It was also required to be available to outside clientele for a reasonable fee. The space would need to accommodate television and special event production, producing and recording live lectures, digital photography, and a host of other digital media functions.
The Challenge

Simplicity and Purpose

The facility’s functional design was focused on simplicity and reliability, while allowing for highly-creative and dynamic production when the need arose. The Media Center was designed inside an existing building, requiring a high level of technical design coordination with the architect, general contractor, and Western Washington staff. When complete, the space would need to accommodate various types of activity in a productive and efficient manner.
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The Solution

Cooperative Construction

The Media Center includes a 900 sq. ft. TV studio, control room and equipment core. Utter Associates provided Consulting, Design, and Construction Administration in cooperation with RMC Architects.

To support the multifunction use of the space, ZTransform installed a green screen cyclorama and LED lighting to allow any production to alter its on-camera background during, of after production. A complete suite of digital media servers and HD graphics engines complemented any production and provided a wide array of visual features for both live and recorded content.

SMPTE311 HD fiber optic camera infrastructure ensured the Media Center would satisfy future generations of technology without unnecessary cabling reinvestment.

The Result

Greater than the sum of its parts

Upon completion, the WWU Digital Media Center opened its doors to an enthusiastic student body and faculty team – as well as a creative community ready to leverage its advanced capabilities. The program has been a success both academically and commercially. The Media Center even hosts its own 48-hour film festival within the community!
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Key Technologies

The following technologies contributed to the success of the project:

  • Sony Studio cameras connected via hybrid fiber and outfitted with Teleprompters
  • Cyclorama green screen walls
  • High efficiency studio lighting
  • Ross Carbonite production switcher
  • Ross xPression graphics
  • Ross Blackstorm playout server
  • AJA KiPro recorders
  • Ross routing and modular processing
  • ClearCom intercom and IFB
  • Soundcraft digital audio

SMPTE311 Hybrid Fiber Cameras

LED Studio Lighting

Green Screen Cyclorama

Key Services provided

Planning & Development

Detailed work-flow planning, space planning, furniture/casework, electrical, acoustic and lighting

Engineering & Design

Designs were delivered as AutoCAD line drawings, conceptual drawings, architectural drawings, and wire run-list packages

Systems Integration

Long-term ease of maintenance and future upgrades were top of mind at Western Washington University using best of breed equipment


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