Team member

Erik Utter

President and CTO

Emmy recipient Erik Utter brings a broad range of experience and qualifications to every project. As lead design engineer he provides the technical vision and strategy for projects and is especially well versed in working directly with diverse stakeholder groups to organize challenging projects and manage budgets.

Erik works directly with manufacturers to provide product development direction to meet technically complex workflow requirements of a customer. He has designed facilities in a range of roles from consultant to lead design engineer. He also works as an owner’s representative during construction to coordinate trades and confirm that design intent is met.

Erik has been part of the NBC Olympics engineering team for multiple Olympic Games in Athens, Torino, Beijing, and Vancouver. He received an Emmy for his work in Beijing with NBC.

As President Erik oversees all engineering and integration and has successfully ushered in a new era of growth in the company. Eriks’ leadership has brought a very accomplished team to deliver the best customer experience in our industry.

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