The Broadcast Bridge: SI Perspectives On System Design

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The Broadcast Bridge gets ZTransform’s insights into the challenges of production facility and system design, and the right time to go SDI, IP, Cloud or hybrid.

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“When a customer wants IP. I ask the question “why?”,” he said. “IP is the only way to do things in production and distribution facilities that want to share content between rooms, buildings and even the world. But if you’re talking IP just for the sake of it, then it might not be the right choice. It might not make sense due to cost and performance parity.”

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ZTransform provides planning, design, integration and launch services for the most sophisticated broadcast and media environments in the world. From the initial specifications development through to launch readiness and sustained operation, ZTransform manages the tactical and complex aspects of facility projects so that its customers can focus on what’s most important – their business.

For more than 18 years ZTransform has brought a disciplined project management approach, supporting its cross-industry clients, including AT&T Sports Net, News-Press & Gazette station group, KESQ, KEYT, KVIA, KEXP, Oregon State University, and numerous Fortune 100 companies; to complete technology deployments and operational improvements not previously thought possible.

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