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All-Include Managed Services

When you need more than you can handle, be it for a year or a day, ZTransform can help. Managed Services bring cost relief, schedule benefits, and performance upside you may not achieve on your own with the resources you have on hand. This is fast becoming a method of satisfying the dynamic resource loads many businesses face. Let us build a sustained support model that works for you.
Dynamic business requires dynamic support

Zero Limits provides a pool of diversely-skilled technical, operational, and administrative resources PLUS a comprehensive technology warranty to ensure your BOC systems are optimized to support your ongoing operation.

At ZTransform, we believe our Zero Limits plan is the best method by which AWS can maintain your technical systems without the high cost and heavy effort associated with the hiring and training of multiple, skilled staff members, plus the administration of individual manufacturer support contracts. With Zero Limits, AWS can be confident that ZTransform’s trained and certified personnel will be available when required, and your technology will be protected throughout the life of the plan, for one affordable and deterministic annual fee.

Fostering an enduring relationship with the AWS Broadcast Operations Center team is a top priority for ZTransform. We thank you for the opportunity to address these important needs with our unique Zero Limits offering.

Managed Services E

Tech Support

  • Phone & Email Support
  • 24/7 Online Ticketing System
  • Real-Time Technical Support
  • Activity Scheduling
  • Status Updates & Reporting


  • Semi-Annual Health Checks
  • Emergency On-Site Service
  • Post-Maintenance Interop Qualification
  • Software Upgrades & Patches
  • Scheduled Repairs and Updates


  • Online Knowledgebase
  • Scheduled Operations Training
  • Scheduled Technical Training
  • Quick-Hit Tips & Tricks
  • Manufacturer Paid Training


  • Equipment Repair and Replacement
  • Software Updates & Patches
  • Asset Inventory Maintenance


Looking for support? We continue to work with our customers to service their systems and maintain peak performance. Raise a support ticket or browse our support articles by clicking here.

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